Inspection Warranty

Inspection Warranties

Do you get a warranty with your inspection?” Most people would probably respond, “Don’t they all?” This isn’t your typical service or inspector warranty; it’s a special guarantee covering the property itself that protects the new owner.

After you move in, your new home’s warranty and Buyer Protection Program protect you against surprises that develop after the inspection – problems that weren’t visible at the inspection time. We all know that sellers may conceal serious flaws in their property by cleaning or staging to avoid revealing all problems. While full disclosure is required, the seller frequently does not provide significant information to their real estate agent.

Inspectors all over the country offer a 90-day guarantee. However, just a few hundred inspection companies are authorized to provide the PLUS level of coverage. Only the most outstanding firms with proven low claims and comprehensive work may be granted extended coverage for items like refrigerators, irrigation systems, and more.

What happens if issues are uncovered after possession?

It’s tough for a house inspector to find every problem if sellers make extra efforts to camouflage problematic areas. Bleach is frequently used to clean away mold temporarily, and ceilings are sometimes painted to conceal signs of leaking roofs.

We’ve seen sellers take drastic measures to keep the buyer from finding issues. That’s why we believe it is critical that you devote extra effort to homeowners and your Realtor professional to guarantee that the property is protected if problems arise after you move in – with coverage up to five years for some things (check specifics with your inspector).

If these problems were not addressed during the property’s listing and sale, they would re-appear after you take possession.

The new buyer’s peace of mind can be a selling feature, especially when coupled with the inspections’ additional security. Also included with each inspection is free technical advice for as long as the new buyer owns the home; and an appliance recall check, which scans consumer recalls for potential safety problems. As an added bonus, the homeowner can then register any other appliance acquired in the future and have them checked for recalls at no extra cost



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